About Hardback Wholesale Blinds And Awnings

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The Hardback Difference


About Hardback

Founded in 2004, Hardback Blinds and Awnings have built up a team of highly qualified individuals who have contributed to our continued success. Our team members have worked in various facets of the blind and awning industry from management, wholesale, and component supply, since the mid 90’s. Collectively our Hardback team have over 150 years of technical and sales experience in the external blind and awning trade.

Hardback Blinds and Awnings, is an Australian owned and operated family run business. Our beginnings started in the wholesale and manufacture of specialty outdoor blinds, awnings and outdoor spa covers and grown to be one of the industry leading premium blind and awning manufacturers on the Australian market.

We place high value and emphasis on the relationships with our dealers, who can take comfort in knowing that we are in their corner all the way and not in competition in the retail market. Our dealer network across Australia is the corner stone of our Australian Made Awning products and along with our dedicated team have been the strength behind the Hardback brands.


The Hardback Mission

The Hardback philosophy is all about working for the mutual success of our dealers. Their success is our success and we see our dealers and retailers as important partners of the Hardback Blinds and Awnings brands.

We will use our extensive knowledge to promote, support and build the highest quality blinds and awnings for our dealers and retailers.

Our aim is to see our dealers reach their full potential through continual product development, support and training.