Fabric Guide


Mesh Awning Fabrics

Mesh fabrics have gained a strong reputation with traditional Sunblinds as well their popularity with the eZIP Track Blind® and eShade Blind®

Mesh fabrics not only look stylish and modern but also have the advantage of maintaining your views, breathability, sun and wind protection, privacy, and insect protection, as well as the reduction of seams due to the widths of the fabric. Mesh fabrics have been available for use on awnings for many decades and are well regarded for their durability and qualities to handle the strong Aussie sun.

Acrylic Awning Fabrics

Acrylic Fabrics are available in beautiful plain or stripe colours and perfect for a large range of awning applications including Sunblinds, eShade Blinds, Folding Arm Awnings, Door Canopies, Drop Arm Awnings.

Acrylic is a high quality coated synthetic fibre specifically designed for outdoor use.

Acrylic has the same colour, design and pattern on both sides of the fabric, so you get to enjoy your colour choice at looking in or out.

Acrylic is lightweight & mould resistant, making it the perfect choice for a Folding Arm Awning.


Canvas Awning Fabrics

Traditional Green back canvas now comes in Grey back or Beige back, in a range of beautiful colours, and matching Colorbond® colours.
Awning canvas is durable and resilient, making it long lasting for years to come.

The traditional stripes that have been seen for decades on Aussies homes are still as popular on windows.

Canvas is a coated cotton and polyester fibre, water resistant and Australian made by specialty manufacturers. Canvas is suitable for traditional window awnings.

PVC Awning Fabrics

Solid PVC comes in a range of modern colours and waterproof for canopy awnings, although not as common, is an alternative to canvas or acrylic fabrics.
Clear PVC is popular on outdoor blinds such as the eZIP Track Blind®, straight drop or café blinds.

Clear PVC will only provide wind or rain protection. For sun protection, Mesh, Acrylic or Canvas is best.