Frequently Asked Questions

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Are all Hardback awnings made locally in Australia?
Yes, all products are custom made on site at Hardback’s large Melbourne factory, ready for installation by your qualified dealer
Does Hardback recover blinds and awnings?
If the hardware or aluminium frame is in good condition, Hardback can recover awnings
Can I bring my customers into your dealer centre?
Most certainly we encourage our dealers to attend our dealer centre and welcome customers along with the dealer. We recommend an appointment with our sales team.
What other industry brands is Hardback affiliated with?
Hardback stocks most well known industry brands, which include Optical, Visiontex and Outlook mesh, Docril, Sattler and Recacril acrylic, Somerton, Brella and Addalong canvas, Easislip, Coverflex and Achilles PVC
Does Hardback specialise in Motorised awnings?

Hardback specialises in motorisation of awnings, we have a number of quality ranges to suit all budgets, Somfy, Becker and Linx motors

Does Hardback have products on display?
Our dealer centre has many outdoor awning products on display to play with.
What key brands does Hardback promote?

Hardback’s range includes auto, crank and motorised blinds, as well as our key brands eShade Blinds® and eZip Track Blinds®, Modena® and Siena Folding Arm Awnings®

Training & Displays

Is training provided on products and installation?
Hardback can certainly provide training on all our products along with sales material, colour swatches and installation tips
What outdoor fabrics does Hardback use?
Hardback will provide all our dealers with our one stop shop My Outdoor Living fabric book containing the most popular mesh, acrylics and canvas fabrics. We also have our own range of fabrics from our Optical® mesh range.
Does Hardback provide display goods for its dealers?
Hardback can provide display goods for dealers to kit out their showrooms, we also have portable displays which are perfect for taking direct out to your customers.

Online Ordering

Does Hardback sell to the general public?
Hardback is a wholesale manufacturer, which means we sell direct to industry dealers and retailers. We can put you in contact with an authorised Hardback dealer in your area to discuss your needs.
What is the ordering process?
Ordering is easy at Hardback, via our BUZ online login, which is provided after we process your application. All products have drop down boxes to make the process quicker and easier.
How do I become a Hardback dealer and set up an account?

Please register your interest in becoming a Hardback dealer via our Contact Us page, alternatively, contact our sales team sales@hardback.com.au or phone 1300 79 1000. We only accept trade account enquiries.

How can I re-set my password?
Hardback cannot reset your login. At the login screen, select ‘forgot my pasword’ and you will receive an email to reset. If you require assistance, please contact us on 1300 79 1000. Check first you have deleted previously saved passwords.


Will Hardback deliver my goods?
Dispatch is available directly from the Hardback factory.We also deliver direct to all Melbourne and Victorian regional areas, aswell as direct delivery to Adelaide, Sydney, and Canberra, plus interstate freight.

Please speak with our sales team about your particular delivery region

What is the lead time for the custom made products?
Please refer to our sales team or your dealer login for information on lead times.

Rework & Warranty

What is the warranty period?
Hardback products are covered by our 5 year repair or replacement warranty. This covers fabrics, motors, components and workmanship, providing correct care and usage has been exercised.
Warranty on installation is not provided by Hardback.

Please refer to the care instructions for your product.

What is the process for a product that requires a rework?
For dealer reworks, please contact our customer service team customerservice@hardback.com.au or 1300 79 1000. Reworks can be entered into Buz which will provide a reference number.

Please ensure goods returned for inspection contain the reference number

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

What is the best way to clean my blinds and awnings?
All blinds can be washed however care should be taken to ensure no harsh chemicals or high pressure cleaners are used. Good old fashioned hose or bucket and soft brush will do the trick with water.

If using a solution, a weak or mild handwash detergent is suitable. Ensure all fabrics are dry before rolling up to avoid deterioration.

Please refer to the care instructions for your product.

How can a Motor Remote be reprogrammed?
Please refer to Support for programming instructions
Can I use my blinds and awnings in extreme weather?
Blinds and awnings should be brought up before extreme weather or storms hit. It is best not to operate blinds during a storm or strong winds.

Blinds damaged from a storm would not be covered under warranty.

Please refer to the care instructions for your product.